9 Years Young

For those of you who don’t know anything about me here is a little background info. I got married this year and became an aunt to 7 crazy beautiful kids. This past Sunday we celebrated my niece Eva’s 9th birthday. I hope we will become best friends and I won’t be too old for her one day. Our family had a little get together on the beach to celebrate. Of course I grabbed my camera and wanted to capture the moment. It took 20 adults to keep the kids still on a paddle board and make them look at the camera. No one could keep up with them so we just let the rascals do their thing. P.S. Last three pictures were taken with my iPhone, but they are worth to look at.

eva_1 eva_2 eva_3 eva_4 eva_5 eva_6 eva_7 eva_8 eva_9 eva_10 eva_11 eva_12 eva_13 eva_14 eva_16 eva_17 eva_18