Christmas with the Fam

Merry Christmas everyone!!! What a magical day, especially if you believe in Santa Claus. Thank God Jesus never disappoints:) We got to spend the whole Christmas day with the family…OUTSIDE! It was my first warm Christmas, I must admit that I enjoyed it a lot. I might miss snow in a couple of years but for now I’m loving this weather. Hope everyone had fun and got to spend this day around people that you love.

1 My husband is defenitely the biggest kid around the block2Oh Oliver! Love those yummy cheeks 3 obviously he just rolled out of bed and first things first, COFFEE4 “You can’t sit with me!”5 6 Vadim got his dream vehicle. That’s the closest that he will get to vespa or a motorcycle!7 8 “My own kitchen”, – chef in making9 Who ate the cake?11 WHAAAAAA?12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Jepthah whispering to his grandma what song he wants to sing24 25 26_1 My husband is crazy and I love him26_2 26 27 28 selfies for daaaayys29 30 31 32 newlyweds…4 days into the marriage…looks good on them33 OUR FAMILYYYYYY…..4 people are still missing and 3 siblings are still not married34 professional photo bomber35 cute little cousins…and is it duck lips that I see?36