I started photographing weddings after marrying my husband, Vadim, whom you’ll meet shortly since he’s my partner in life and in business. My background is in fashion photography, and I started my career working in New York City. I was drawn to weddings because I wanted to capture something meaningful.

I want to create Photos that WILL be adored for generations to come!

I’m based out of Asheville, North Carolina, but I love to travel. And I am willing to come wherever you need me!

I fell in love with photographing weddings after becoming a bride myself. I truly believe my personal experience made me a better photographer.

I’ve been there.

I know what it feels like.

The need for your vendors to exceed your expectations of what your wedding day should be.

I'm not just your photographer.

I am the friend you trust to capture this insanely huge day in your life, just the way you always want to remember it.

My personality and approach to photography is energetic and full of life. I organize every detail for you, and I work hard to make your vision a reality. But most importantly, I make sure we have fun through it all!

I’ve had the privilege of photographing over 130 weddings.

Each one is an unforgettable experience that has made me fall in love with the magic of photography even more.

you get us both

call us a passionate, kinda crazy, hard-working, dynamic duo

We understand what it’s like to share a great love, and to cherish the capturing of it in a photograph. We want to capture the genuine love our couples share with one another for the same reason we catch a firefly in a jar: to marvel at its glow.

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