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My name is Anastasiia. Though I am a photographer, I also consider myself to be a storyteller. The truth is, most photographers can shoot nice portraits. But it takes a lot more than that to capture a story – the way he looks at you when he sees you for the first time, the glistening of your father’s tear-filled eyes during the father-daughter dance, or the smug expression of the flower girl who thinks that this wedding is for her as she meanders down the aisle.

What I’m passionate about is capturing every raw, beautiful, funny, heartfelt, romantic, emotional moment that takes place on the most important day of your life. Though every wedding day has to come to an end, photographs have the incredible ability to live on forever, allowing us to remember and re-live every special moment.

What you should know about me is that I absolutely love what I do. One of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer is making a lasting connection with my clients. I create a relaxed environment and am very easy to work with.

My husband Vadim is my second shooter (it comes in handy having someone who can read your mind). We are based out of Asheville, NC but we also do a lot of work in South West Florida.

Fun Facts:- I’m obsessed with Broadway musicals (I save my playbills and hope to one day decorate a whole wall with them).
– I was born in the USSR (I remember reading about McDonalds in books when I was little).
– My favorite color is black (I secretly wish that I could live in black and white).
– My husband and I like to call ourselves “casual vegans” (We like the idea of being vegans but we just can’t bring ourselves to completely give up meat… or ice cream.)
– I am trying to live a minimalist lifestyle, which means I got rid of tons of clothes and shoes (Gasp!).


Life is too short not to celebrate every moment. Anastasiia Photography exists to capture the beauty in the raw, unplanned moments of the most important day of your life.