Cronin Family Photoshoot FL

This is our second year taking photos of the wild family known as the Cronins. Last year we went on a boat ride to an island in sunny Florida but this year we changed it up a bit. We drove deep into Immokalee to a secluded area and took some stunning shots.  It was such an awesome location with many herds of cows everywhere and a camp ground where it seemed like there was a bear there not to long ago trying to claw its way through the side of the lodge. Every time we have a shoot it is something awesome and I look forward to what wild place they will take us next year.


cronin_2 cronin_3

what a beautiful familycronin_4 cronin_5 cronin_6 cronin_7 cronin_8 cronin_9 cronin_10 cronin_11 cronin_12 cronin_13 cronin_14

He couldn’t resist going mudding and the little princess is fixing her crown 🙂cronin_15 cronin_16 cronin_17 cronin_18 cronin_19 cronin_20 cronin_21 cronin_22 cronin_23 cronin_24

because who doesn’t like to toss confetti in the aircronin_25 cronin_26 cronin_27 cronin_28 cronin_29 cronin_30 cronin_31 cronin_32 cronin_33 cronin_34 cronin_35 cronin_36

The ride was a little bumpy but I got some pictures. Even though it was hard to focus I really love how the photos turned out shooting through the tinted back window.cronin_37 cronin_38 cronin_39