Cronin Family

I don’t even know where to start. Vadim and I had such a great time with this amazing family! I might have said “AMAZING” during our photoshoot every other minute:) We had so much fun taking a boat to the beach, fishing, enjoying the sunset and fighting with no-see-ums (ok, that part wasn’t that fun). Some pictures look like pictures that you see in a frame when you buy it. Beautiful family! 

cronin_1 cronin_2 cronin_3 cronin_4 cronin_5 cronin_6 cronin_7 cronin_8 cronin_9 cronin_10 cronin_11 cronin_12 cronin_13 cronin_14 cronin_15 cronin_16 cronin_17 cronin_18 cronin_19 cronin_20 cronin_21 cronin_22 cronin_23 cronin_24 cronin_25