Elma + Carlos

This wedding was so special in so many ways! First of all it was on a Monday night. Second of all this beautiful couple got engaged on a Valentines Day this year and planned the whole wedding in just two months. Their family and friends flew in to Florida from Europe and Brazil and it was such a special and intimate celebration.

P.S. I LOVE Elma’s dress. If I ever decide to do my vow renewal this will be my dream dress.

Congratulations Carlos and Elma!

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Venue: Vasari Country Club

Decor: Atrium Design

Flowers: Arts & Flowers by Ruby

Makeup & Hair: Flawless Beauty Lounge

Cake: Mikkelsen’s Pastry Shop

Dress: by Casablanca Bridal

Tuxedo: The Tuxxman

Chairs rental: Niche Event Rentals