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How will I receive my photo files?

How long have you been photographing weddings?

You’ll receive an online gallery for you to digitally download, print, and share for an entire year. Apparently a computer engineer somewhere decided to start eliminating USB ports from laptops so it’s just easier to keep things online. I need you to do me a solid though: once you receive your files, download them and BACK THEM UP immediately! To your cloud, your hard drive, whatever your flavor. Make copies of copies. Then start designing your gallery wall, calendars, and Christmas cards.

During the last 7 years I’ve photographed over 130 weddings across North America. We love what we do and we love to travel so we’re officially living the dream!


How do I book you for our wedding or event?


Super simple: just fill out the contact form on the ‘Contact Me’ page! Once I see your email sitting pretty in my inbox I’ll reach out to you to set up a phone date. Actually I prefer FaceTime so we can put faces to names. (I may photograph your wedding after all, let’s just be friends already okay?) If we’re vibing on the same level after our chat we can talk next steps for final booking. To confirm your date I require a signed contract and deposit.

Do you offer wedding albums?

Why, yes and thank you for asking! While files are best delivered digitally, your wedding photos belong on display in your home for you and your loved ones to enjoy on the daily. Find more information about my wedding albums here



Do you help couples create their wedding day timeline?

How many hours of coverage do I need?

Let me rephrase: I offer packages with a minimum of 8 hours because that’s what you’re going to need to capture a little of everything from your wedding day. Getting ready shots, ceremony, reception, couple’s exit…it’s a full day and you’ll want it all on camera, trust me. You just get the one day – why risk missing a single moment? Ten hour and full-day wedding day packages are also available, as are day-after and boudoir sessions. For smaller elopements we can discuss a 6-hour package option.

Since lighting runs the show in the world of photography, carving out the right time of day to shoot your wedding portraits is crucial. If you want the same look and feel of the photos in my portfolio, I’m going to need the right light and plenty of it! I will work with you and your planner (if you’re using one) to nail the exact time and location for your perfect wedding photos.



How many images will I receive in my gallery?

Are you going to Photoshop us? Will you or can you?

Whatever number constitutes “a whole lot” would be my answer. I don’t like to set or cap the number of deliverable images but I will tell you I shoot at a rate of around 70-100 images an hour. If you book me for an 8-hour day you should expect anywhere from 700 to 800+ photos spanning your entire wedding day.

Straight up: you’re a knockout just the way you are! I’m an advocate of body positivity and authentic self-love. That being said, even the most confident brides aren’t cool with an ill-timed pimple on their wedding day (#relatable). I can touch up small spots and blemishes no problem. However, if you’re looking for extensive retouching there is a per-photo upcharge for that.



When will we receive our images?

Where are you based? Do you travel for destination weddings?

Believe it or not, the actual taking of the photographs is only about 40% of my job. Vadim shoots with me on location, but everything afterwards is all me, my editing software, and lots of strong coffee. In order to give every photo proper attention, the turnaround time for delivering full wedding galleries is 10-12 weeks while sessions take about 3-4 weeks.

I promise the wait will be worth it!

Vadim and I live in the lovely mountain town of Asheville, NC, a southern wedding heaven if there ever was one! That being said we live for a good adventure and love destination weddings. Every year we travel all over the US photographing weddings and would love to talk to you about yours!