hello nyc

So I just thought it is about time I post some photos from my trip to NYC since I’m going back there in a short two weeks:) If you know me well you know that city is a part of me, I never thought I’d leave it and move anywhere else, especially Florida. If you told me this a year ago I would have a good laugh but here we are:) I love how city energizes me and I’m so thankful for all the friendships that it has given me for the past 5 years.

Meet Anya, the most hardworking girl that I know. Her life story is so powerful, I had tears in my eyes when she was sharing with me. Back in Ukraine when she was 16 years old due to certain circumstances she ended up on the street in the middle of winter with her little sister(14 years old), no family to go to, no home, no clothes, no food. BUT she had a dream…and never gave up on it. The verse from a bible comes to my mind “Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future” Prov. 31:25. No one said it will be easy, stay strong and fight for your dreams. She is almost done with her second bachelors degree in NYC. I’m not going into details about her story but I’m just so proud of her that all these circumstances made her a bigger person. Love you girl.

nyc_1 nyc_2 nyc_3 nyc_4 nyc_5 nyc_6 love me some vintage finds in east villagenyc_7

Aksana and Lola. I’m thankful for this girl beyond my words, she is truly like family to me. When I just moved to NYC and had no place to stay she called me up and asked if I would like to be their 3rd roommate (I’ve met her only once in my life and thought she was a weird russian girl) haha, little did I know that we would become life long friends.

nyc_8 nyc_9 nyc_10 nyc_11

These two are still single (just saying:) I accept applications for the future wife positions haha. Putting jokes aside, John and Josh are so talented, we went to the Museum of Natural History, photo walk and finished our evening with some empanadas. I love how encouraging they are with people, always speaking life and truth.


As soon as I arrived to LGA airport I received a text message from my friend Colette inviting me over to her house for a music gig on the Upper West side. I love how it was in a small circle of friends that I heard my dear friends Ruthie and Noemi sing their new songs. Can’t wait for these two hot Brazilian twins take over the music industry:) Xx

nyc_13 nyc_14 nyc_15