Steve + Amy Lang at Langford-Kingston Home of Fort Myers


I believe all weddings should be shown like a story. The Lang’s story is a very beautiful one. Amy’s mom is an exremely talented florist. She covered the entire house with flower arrangements, it was like walking into a botanical garden. We were amazed at how everything was put together by this beautiful couple.

When we first met Amy and Steve we gave Steve a secret nickname – The Hulk haha. If you need a personal trainer and want to get in shape he is your guy. Vadim and I loved working with you guys and feel so honored that you picked us to capture your day. Enjoy!

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Steve surprised Amy with a pair of diamond earringssteve_amy_8 steve_amy_9 steve_amy_10 steve_amy_11

In honor of her grandmother Amy sewn her ring into her dresssteve_amy_12

Amy’s grandmother’s embroidered handkerchief steve_amy_13 steve_amy_14 steve_amy_15 steve_amy_16 steve_amy_17 steve_amy_18 steve_amy_19 steve_amy_20 steve_amy_21 steve_amy_22 steve_amy_23 steve_amy_24 steve_amy_25 steve_amy_26 steve_amy_27 steve_amy_28 steve_amy_29 steve_amy_30 steve_amy_31 steve_amy_32 steve_amy_33 steve_amy_34 steve_amy_35 steve_amy_36 steve_amy_37 steve_amy_38 steve_amy_39 steve_amy_40 steve_amy_41 steve_amy_42 steve_amy_43 steve_amy_44 steve_amy_45 steve_amy_46 steve_amy_47 steve_amy_48 steve_amy_49 steve_amy_50 steve_amy_51 steve_amy_52 steve_amy_53 steve_amy_54 steve_amy_55 steve_amy_56 steve_amy_57 steve_amy_58 steve_amy_59 steve_amy_60 steve_amy_61 steve_amy_62 steve_amy_63

Mama and daughter!steve_amy_64 steve_amy_65 steve_amy_66 steve_amy_67 steve_amy_68 steve_amy_69 steve_amy_70 steve_amy_71 steve_amy_72 steve_amy_73 steve_amy_74 steve_amy_75 steve_amy_76 steve_amy_77 steve_amy_78 steve_amy_79 steve_amy_80 steve_amy_81 steve_amy_82 steve_amy_83 steve_amy_84 steve_amy_85 steve_amy_86 steve_amy_87 steve_amy_88 steve_amy_89 steve_amy_90 steve_amy_91 steve_amy_92 steve_amy_93 steve_amy_94 steve_amy_95 steve_amy_96 steve_amy_97 steve_amy_98Venue: Langford-Kingston Home of Fort Myers

Hair/ Makeup: Jamie Mosely of Touch Salon & Spa

Florals: Cheryl Wellington with Ruth Messmer Florist

Caterer: Jordan Webster Catering

Cake: European American Baking Co

Dress: David’s Bridal

Custom Suit: Men’s Warehouse

Linens/ chairs: Caloosa Tent & Rentals