Tania + Michael

It was truly a blessing to photograph Tania’s and Michael’s wedding! Their story is pretty funny. Tania loves Disney movies and when Michael was asking her on a date, she would say no but he kept asking her. One night they were all hanging out with friends and Michael asked her again. Tania told him “If you sing a Disney song I will go out with you”. Ok…are you ready for this? Get your handkerchiefs out…Michael sang the WHOLE entire Aladdin song “I could show you the world” in the middle of the street. I can’t believe he knew the lyrics by heart, what a guy! During reception Michael’s sister told me how he would always watch Disney movies with her when growing up. That explains a lot:) Also if you scroll down and take a look at photos you will see how much Tania loves bling bling:) The whole bridal party looked so glam! Congratulations again guys, Vadim and I love you!

Tania’s make up by Tania herself
Tania’s hair by Leah Beard
Bridesmaids Make Up & Hair by Hope Artistry
Flowers by A Flower Boutique
Cake by Rachel Made
Reception at Roy’s Downtown Naples


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