It took me awhile to put this blog post together because I was still recovering from our Thanksgiving feast. Don’t mind the Merry Christmas sign on the first picture, both of my sister in laws tend to go crazy about Christmas before Thanksgiving:) and I love it!

thanks_1 thanks_2 thanks_3 Josh is such a patriot and a football lover. Too bad for him no one else is a football fan in our family hahathanks_4How cute are these cookies?! Our 9 year old niece Eva made them!thanks_5The Mash Potato Masterthanks_6 Be still my heart!thanks_7 thanks_8 thanks_9 thanks_10Oliver couldn’t wait for dinner anymore, so he started with an appetizer : )thanks_11 thanks_12 thanks_13

thanks_14 thanks_15 thanks_16 thanks_17 thanks_18 thanks_19 thanks_20 thanks_21 thanks_22 thanks_23 thanks_24 thanks_25 thanks_26 thanks_27 thanks_28 thanks_29 thanks_30 thanks_32thanks_31thanks_33